Past Event


An Integrated Exploration of Astrology and the Chakras


June 08, 2019 • 1PM - 4 PM

A Healing Playshop

Saturday, June 8, 2019, 1-4 PM

DeMun Healing, 734 De Mun Ave., Clayton, MO 63105

Every action, thought and emotion is empowered by a corresponding unending flow of energy – the Spinal Column is the Trunk of Life in the Tree of Man. The chakras are the Stones of Fire – centers of consciousness and light.

Healing is the bringing of all that is into balance. We are going to bridge two healing energies, the Chakras and Astrology, through the exploration of our inner world – the Stones of Fire – and the outer world – the Cosmic System of Astrology. We will look at:

• Chakra Shamanic Correspondences

• Earth Star and Soul Star

• Chakra Healing

• Chakra Astrology Chart

• Chakras and Jyotish – an Eastern View

3-Hour Playshop: $35.00