The Pleiades

May 01, 2024


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The seven sisters gather

At the shoulder of the Bull.

They take a space no bigger

Then the moon when it is full.

They rise like shining warriors

Out of the curling dust.

They are the mother of all children,

The goddess of all lust,

The teacher of our fears and of our trust.

In Hindu myth, the Pleiades are known as the flame.

They burn away the blame

And teach us that we are all the same.

They say there is one weeping.

She cries because we all are sleeping

On this mother earth.

They wait, so silently above,

Showering us constantly with their love,

For the celebration of our birth.

(Nikki Davenport from her poetry book Moonbeam Whispers)

The Star Cluster

There is a star cluster which resides in the constellation of Taurus, the Bull, called “The Pleiades.” It is a group of stars that take the name in mythology – seven weeping sisters. They have been viewed by mankind for eons – in every culture – and have many myths and stories explaining why they sadly group together. Their symbol nature explains “the mother of all children carries reality in her womb.” At the Pleiades “we trust our needs will always be taken care of.”

The Seven Weeping Sisters

There are seven sisters, daughters of Atlas. After Atlas had to carry the heavens on his shoulders he was forced to leave his daughters. Orion pursued the Pleiad sisters and Zeus, to save them, turned them into doves and then into stars.

The Lord Tennyson wrote about the Pleiades:

Many a night I saw the Pleiads, rising through the mellow shade,

Glitter like a swarm of fire-flies tangled in a silver braid.

The origins of humanity are thought to come through the Pleiades in some cultures, the connection to birth and death is considered within their realm, the ending of the old fire and the kindling of the new.

In our western astrology view, the Pleiades open the idea of interdependent opposites – earth and heaven – physical realm and spiritual understanding. They connect with familial duty, powerful warriors with maternal unconditional love and service – ying/yang evocation. In Hindu Jyotish astrology, they stand in the Lunar Mansion Krittika and bring fiery, creative energy, with dedicated divine service.

The Portal

The group of sisters currently stand in our tropical zodiac at 29 Taurus and 0 Gemini.

Sol will help the sisters open the portal to teach us about ourselves! They are bringing us messages as they reach down to touch our hearts and spirits in the physical and spiritual realms.

* ELECTRA at 29 Taurus 25 asks us “Where are we putting our energy?”

* CELAENO at 29 Taurus 26 asks us “What is our motivation?”

* TAYGETA at 29 Taurus 34 asks us “Can we let others around us get what they really want?”

* MAIA at 29 Taurus 41 asks us “Can we connect to our spirit dimensions?”

* MEROPE at 29 Taurus 41 asks us “Can we open our eyes to our own expectations and desires?

* ASTEROPE at 29 Taurus 44 asks us “Can we share the responsibilities and work with our group?

* ALCYONE at 0 Gemini 0 asks us “How can we share our truth?”

Look in your charts at where the weeping sisters reside. Find the degrees of 29 Taurus – 0 Gemini observing what house they fall into and if you have any planets they touch at that degree. Listen to the sisters as they whisper. They have messages for us!

Remember, “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” Richard Evans

Love, Nikki