Past Event

Intermediate Astrologer's Playshop Series

360 Degrees of Magic Symbols


November 19, 2022 • 4:00-5:30 PM CST

Intermediate Astrologer’s Playshop Series - A Set of 6 Sessions with Exploration into the Intriguing Untapped Depths of Astrological Chart Study

Saturdays, 6-18; 7-16; 8-20; 9-24; 10-15; 11-19, 2022

Monthly Online through Zoom - 4 PM to 5:30 PM CDT-CST

  • June 18 - MINOR ASPECTS, Diving Deeply into Ourselves. Minor aspects tap us into developmental phases we can’t normally see-our seeker self.
  • July 16 - COMPOSITE CHARTS, We Meet in the Middle. The midpoints between two people helps us explore the deeper relationship connections.
  • August 20 - PLANETS BEYOND PLUTO, A View through Universal Windows. We will look into the windows of Eris, Ixion, Orcus, Makemake, Haumea, Varuna, Quaoar, and Sedna.
  • September 24 - ASPECT PATTERNS Sacred Geometry in Action. Completed aspect patterns in each of our charts helps us touch our Sacred Proportions.
  • October 15 - PLANETARY NODES, Opening New Action Pathways. Moon’s Nodes and each Planetary Nodes Set opens up new options we never dreamed of.
  • November 19 - 360 DEGREES OF MAGIC SYMBOLS, Our Charts are a Poet’s Song. Sabian Symbols, Omega/Chandra Symbols. Pleiadian Symbols, Azoth Symbols all sing a magic lullaby to our souls.

Each 90 Minute Playshop: $25.00 (Payment through website:

Contact Nikki, for PRE-REGISTRATION and include your birth info: birth date, birth time, birth location, for your Natal Chart and info tied to each Exploration. Attend 1 or 2 or all. Chart and info will be sent to you through your email. You will receive LINK to each ZOOM page the day prior to the playshop.