Astrology New Year 2023 (Spring Equinox) Astrology Asteroids

March 21, 2023


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Astrology New Year 2023 (Spring Equinox)

Magical Astrologer Asteroids

The following asteroids align, inform, serve as a helping tool, and a divinatory directory in our charts tied to our service as astrologers. (Degree and sign for each asteroid is on March 20, 2023)

Asteroid Number 30: URANIA – Muse of Astronomy and Astrology (17 Gemini)

• Able to tell the future by the arrangement of the stars

• Associated with universal love and a desire for precision

• Dressed in a cloak embroidered with stars

• Those who are most concerned with philosophy and the heavens are dearest to her

Asteroid Number 313: CHALDAEA – Mysteries from Ancient Astrologers (3 Pisces)

• Ancient Babylonian astrology wisdom

• Holder of ancient astrological knowledge (past life experience)

• Oldest astrological documents found on Sumerian tablets

• “If the Lion is black: the land will not be happy.” from Mesopotamisa: Enuma Anu Enlil

Asteroid Number 658: ASTERIA – Goddess of Stars, Night, Time, and Oracles (22 Taurus)

• Nocturnal oracles, falling stars, magical prophecy

• Starry One – brings intuitive experience of astrology

• Interpretation of dreams and necromancy

• Reading of the stars

Asteroid Number 1154: ASTRONOMIA – Universal Science of Celestial Objects and Motion (13 Capricorn)

• Sacred Earth knowledge and connection to cosmic energy

• Utilize the power of creative visualization (kriyashkti)

• Brings clear, sharp focus of mental activity

• Scientific research

Asteroid Number 1252: CELESTIA – The Heavenly One and Holder of Cosmic Patterns (1 Pisces)

• Brings Heaven (pure place) to Earth through sacred geometrical patterns

• Spiritual growth through cosmic wisdom and transformation

• Living with equality and nobility

• Elisian Fields of Greece – spiritual plane for growth

Asteroid Number 2415: GANESA – The Vedic (Jyotish) God of Astrology (2 Cancer)

• Remover of Obstacles, God of Happiness, God of Children

• Guidance and inspiration when working on science of light (astrology)

• High intelligence, unswerving devotion

• Represents the benefic planet of Jupiter

Asteroid Number 5863: TARA – The Star Goddess of Highest Wisdom (13 Aquarius)

• Hindu goddess of unquenchable fire, calling new life into being

• Ushers in the Seasons

• Manifestation of the Queen of Time

• Peaceful, compassionate Mother

Asteroid Number 8958: STARGAZER – The Joy and Wonder of Gazing at the Sky (0 Gemini)

• Carries the importance of desire to know about the cosmos

• Spending time with Earth Astrology looking up at the stars

• Enthusiastic sharing of wisdom

• Importance of the beginner: studying all aspects of cosmic science

Asteroid Number 17503: CELESTECHILD – Relating to the Heavenly Messages (18 Leo)

• A natural intuition tied to understanding Earth and Heavens

• Bringing a new perspective to ancient star wisdom

• Inner knowing in use of synchronicity

• Follow your own alignment felt from lifetimes of experience

Asteroid Number 24626: ASTROWIZARD – Loving Astrology with a Purple Passion (9 Cancer)

• This one is a newly named asteroid bringing enthusiasm to astrology

• Utilizing modern techniques and respecting ancient sources

• Opening doors to magic

• Intelligenesis – reconstructing hidden secrets and agendas

Asteroid Number 32770: STARCHIK – Born to be a Star (6 Sagittarius)

• Another newbie of the Asteroid Belt block

• Stand up and be vocal, counted, and an active part of your astrology tribe

• Let the knowledge flow through modern thought

• Have fun