Past Event

Astrological MOON Share

A Magic Exploration of Lunar Peculiarities


May 15, 2021 • 4 - 5:30 PM CDT

Astrological MOON Share, A Magic Exploration of Lunar Peculiarities

An Astrological Online Playshop

Join us in a ZOOM (online) playshop to explore the Moon in all its many roles. We will learn about magic lunar peculiarities Moon shares with us every day!

Moon Declinations – Existing Beyond the 23.5° Earth Angle

Moon Reflections – A Lunar Key to Life’s Direction

Moon Mansions – Twenty-Seven Beautiful Faces

Moon Eclipses – Current Eclipses and Pre-Natal Eclipses

Moon Gods and Goddesses – Daimons and Spirits

Moon-Ceres-Sedna – A Sacred Octave Story of Destiny

90 Minute Playshop: $25.00 Payment at:

Contact Nikki: for PRE-REGISTRATION and include your birth info: birth date, birth time, birth location for your free natal chart with new personal Moon information which will be sent to you through your email. You will receive LINK to the ZOOM page the day prior to the playshop.