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Key Phrase: I AM

Basic Nature: Pioneer and Warrior

Keywords: courageous, independent, assertive, spontaneous, head of cosmic man, self- expressive, dynamic, competitive, possess much initiative, penetrating power of perception, adventurous, filled with the fires of life, pioneer, inspired enthusiastic, natural leader, self- motivated, pilgrim on the road to enlightenment



Key Phrase: I HAVE

Basic Nature: Builder and Accumulator

Keywords: grounded, consistent, dependable, practical, sensual, face and neck of cosmic man, stable, enduring, feeling, artists and poets, romantic, devotional, self-reliant, productive, tranquil, filled with potent forces of springtime, attuned to nature, power to straighten confusion, loyal



Key Phrase: I THINK

Basic Nature: Communicator and Threshold Walker

Keywords: intellectual, communicative, curious, versatile, lower neck and shoulders of cosmic man, inventive, adaptable, writers and journalists, agility of mind, intuitive, perceptive, logical, immense energy potentials, dual nature of light and dark, explorers, potent forces of mind



Key Phrase: I FEEL

Basic Nature: Protector and Patriot

Keywords: nurturing, caring, protective, sympathetic, intuitive, chest of cosmic man, open, friendly, devoted, powerful imagination, gentle, contemplative, shine over others like the moon, emotional, tenacious, attunement with the force of light, psychic, penetrating power of serenity, receptive



Key Phrase: I WILL

Basic Nature: Affectionate and Generous

Keywords: confident, creative, dramatic, generous, proud, solar plexis of cosmic man, strong sense of self, bold, ambitious, shine in social situations, value honor and respect, noble heart, self-expression, optimistic, bring sunshine into hearts of others, attune to life force of universe



Key Phrase: I ANALYZE

Basic Nature: Craftsperson and Healer

Keywords: analytic, useful, discriminating, perfecting, efficient, intestines of cosmic man, teachers and healers, good craftspeople, changeable, exacting about details, service oriented, efficient memory, hard workers, fine-tuned mind, constantly seek knowledge, teach humankind lesson of service



Key Phrase: I BALANCE

Basic Nature: Diplomat and Moderator

Keywords: sharing, cooperative, fair, charming, interactive, graceful, lower abdomen of cosmic man, prophet, idealist, strong sense of harmony and justice, humanitarian, influential, idealist, peace-maker, penetrating power of union, transformer, liberator, keeper of karmic law



Key Phrase: I DESIRE

Basic Nature: Resourceful and Transforming

Keywords: deep, intense, penetrating, passionate, transforming, sexual organs of cosmic man, mysterious, profound, surgeons, battle between light and darkness, secretive, visionary, magnetic, tackle impossible tasks, determination, regeneration, arise to spiritual challenge



Key Phrase: I SEE

Basic Nature: Philosophical and Friendly

Keywords: open minded, adventurous, philosophical, optimistic, wise, hips of the cosmic man, generous, expansive spirit, religious, strong principle, athletic, lover of nature, sense of play, devoted friend, strive for spiritual freedom, explorer, searcher, minister, teacher, divine lover



Key Phrase: I USE

Basic Nature: Compassion and Wisdom

Keywords: mature, successful, industrious, structured, authoritative, knees of cosmic man, practical realization, worldliness, spiritual principles in daily life, persevering, tenacious, traditional, thoughtful, warmhearted, compassionate, gift to form substance from raw materials, tireless seeker



Key Phrase: I KNOW

Basic Nature: Original and Eccentric

Keywords: unique, innovative, reforming, eccentric, futuristic, visionary, lower legs of cosmic man, faithful, surrender ego to divine, humanitarian, act selflessly, religious, leaders and teachers, change the “old-order,” determination, flow of knowledge from universal, brilliance, brotherhood



Key Phrase: I BELIEVE

Basic Nature: Imaginative and Self-Sacrificing

Keywords: sensitive, compassionate, spiritual, psychic, imaginative, feet of the cosmic man, emotional, expansive, intuitive, enthusiastic, musicians, reflect the creative joy of the soul, mystic, gift of prophecy, merge with creative life force, unity, empathy, dreamer, sensitive to astral surroundings