Solar Return Chart - In Person

Each year on your birthday, the Sun returns to where it was when you were born. This is your chart for fine tuning the upcoming year! By examining current directions and secondary progressions to your natal chart, you’ll see the total view of your challenges and potential for the current year. St. Louis Area Only.

An extensive in-person discussion of your chart

Full-color PDF of your natal chart wheel

Optional session recording at no additional cost

After payment, you'll receive a follow-up email for appointment setup.

Price: $155.00

In-Person Services

  • After placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email from Nikki to arrange a local meeting. In-person services last approximately 90 minutes.
  • All materials will be assembled in a full-color packet.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks preperation time when coordinating the best time to meet.
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* or approximate, if known. Any service can be completed if unknown, but exact time and place provide the greatest detail and insight.

"Who knew so much insight could be gleaned from your birth information! Can't wait to get my solar return."

- Beau, St. Louis