Learn more about the practical and esoteric meanings of the 12 houses of your chart...


First House – Ascendant (AC)

I AM - The appearance, the basic mood in life, personality, vital energy, awareness of life, physical constitution, vitality, expression of self, temperament, power of assertion, independence, way of approaching other people and plans, individuality, character, attitudes toward self, needs for recognition, identity, personal risks, personal statement, personal style, mannerisms, self-discovery, projecting and defining self, habits, nuances, persona

Esoteric: Life’s goal in this incarnation, soul’s purpose


Second House

I HAVE - Assets, foundation of material, intellectual, and emotional security, wealth, possessions, finances, social background, money-making and dealing with money, income and expenses, profit and loss, talents, abilities, physical awareness, value, benefit, keep, increase, personal psychological worth, possessions, compensation, needs for material and need for spiritual, spiritual progress, medium of exchange, personal worth, inner happiness gained from spiritual progress, harmonious adjustment to daily needs, financial clout, ownership, borrowing and lending, attitudes about property, relaxation, benefits received for services offered

Esoteric: Next incarnation, talents to be developed


Third House

I THINK - Mind, healthy common sense, learning, communicating, thinking, perceiving, differentiating, exchange of thoughts, correspondence, everyday contracts, everyday experiences, intellectual abilities, capacity to learn, logic, power of expression, business acumen, business trips, short journeys, playing the angles, few limits, brothers and sisters, early education, possibilities, siblings, visitors, travel to learn, expected skills, learning lessons, adaptability, twists and turns, twists of fate, cleverness, distribution systems

Esoteric: Literary interest and mental impulses, logic


Fourth House - Imum Coeli (IC)

I FEEL - Soul, depths of the soul, premonitions and dreams, origins, home, need for a feeling of security, well-being, homeland and homesickness, the evening of life, family roots, the image of the father, tradition, the way of living, early and later life expectations, emotional attitudes, basic personality foundations, basic inner nature, fixed possessions (houses and land), privacy, family, instinctive emotional motivations, nurturing parent, mother, care and devotion, initial adjustment to life, heredity traits, ethnic traditions, subjective building blocks to create self, developing self-sufficiency, emotional patterns of dependency, psychological makeup, personal space, privacy, inner personality, fundamental nature, resources, accumulation, history, culture, tradition

Esoteric: Astral activity, way to immortality, your sanctuary


Fifth House

I CREATE - Self- expression showing what you have, and what you can do, fun-not duty, joy in life, inner child, play an pleasure, gambling for money, acting, game of love, flirting, eroticism, sexuality, love affairs, children, creative expression, speculation, hobbies, love, romantic feelings, find inner satisfaction, mastery of self, inner self’s yearnings, developing self’s abilities, rearing children, values imparted to children, values and lessons given to others, teacher, entertainment, sports, stock market investing, games, play, satisfaction, happiness, luck winnings, being true to yourself, inner joy, dramatics, how you emotionally relate, laughter, celebrations, spontaneity, humor, popularity, success, fame

Esoteric: Creative causation, creative expression, love


Sixth House

I SERVE - Health, work, physical health, relationship between body and mind, consciousness of health, disposition to illness, traditional and alternative medicine, everyday working life, place of work, work contents, way of working, result of work, class-consciousness, social integration and adaptation, productivity, services willingly given, dut assumed or assigned, hygiene, nutrition, healing, food preparation, clothing, tools, analysis, coping with stress, domestic pets, chores, nervous system, personal insecurities, feeling insecure and working harder to gain recognition or acceptance, illness, misplaced stress, fear of rejection, worry, your work attitudes, work output, taking responsibility, applied discipline, devotion to tasks, dedication, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance, commitment, efficient functioning, efficiency of your output, co-workers, dependents, every aspect of working relationships with others

Esoteric: Habit-forming, morality, the way you solve problems, adjustments, serving to modify karma


Seventh House – Descendant (DC)

I COMMIT MYSELF - Partnership, ability and willingness to commit, marriage, lasting relationships, partnership (also professional), working together, associations, willingness to adapt within a partnership, giving and taking in interpersonal relationships, the other person as a surface for projection, conflict and reconciliation, cooperation, participation, interaction, opposition, arguments, shaping and honing efforts, burden sharing, mutual helping, convincing others, competition, compromise, opposing views, agreement, abruptness, fairness, reconciliation, equality, mutuality, clarification, alternatives, harmony, working toward, common purpose, withdrawal, obstacles, interference, mutual satisfaction, dilemma, warfare, behavior, manners, etiquette, social situations, understanding, personal skills, how others either help you or fight you, togetherness, teaming, union of ideas

Esoteric: Others as they are, what you are not, unions


Eigth House

I PROBE - Life’s enigmas, all taboos and their transgression, bordertime experiences, death and rebirth, deepest experiences of sexuality, overcoming oneself, transformation, the ability to regenerate, crises about the meaning of life and overcoming them, everything cryptic, profound, inheritances, other people’s possessions and money, controlling another’s feelings, mutually sharing in another’s emotions or trust, gain subconscious control, being and sharing with another, exchange of inner most feelings, respect demanded, value offered, the right price, expectations, obligations, promises, pledges, present or future compensation, emotional gifts, exchange, wrath, reciprocation, interchange, retaliation, compensation, swapping, complex questions, removal, garbage, death, disconnection, uprooting, transferring, destruction, mystery, process of death, afterlife, re-incarnation, soul travel, non-physical realm, information, resolution investigation to the core of anything analysis

Esoteric: Habit-breaking, regeneration


Ninth House

I BELIEVE - Higher thinking, worldview, expansion of horizons through inner and outer journeys, finding a purpose, philosophy of life, search for truth and meaning, faith, religion, personal image of God, ethics, higher values and perceptions, higher education, insight, intuition, inspiration, ideals, metaphysics, long journeys, experiences in foreign countries, seek out and unearth new experiences, experiment with life, go beyond your present thinking, learn, vistas, unfamiliar customs, other cultures, stories, theologies, expand, travel, experience, learn, meet, encounter, appreciate, broaden, new directions, experiences you gain from living life, abstract version of life, variations of nature, legends or myths, collective unconscious memories, different viewpoints, expanding consciousness, Great Spirit, divinities, inner enlightenment, moral courage, karma, worship, belief structures, inner unfolding, meditation, god concepts, personal ethics, opinions, acquisition of knowledge

Esoteric: Past-life talents, understanding, higher mind, guidance, Guru


Tenth House – Medium Coeli (MC)

I FEEL THAT I AM CALLED - Catching the public eye, vocation and calling, public recognition, social position, fame and honor, life objective, success in life, career, power, authority, responsibility, achievement, popularity, things that become increasingly important ion the course of lifetime, achievements, fulfillments, completions, recognitions, accomplishments, excellence, realizations, high standards of conduct, setting and meeting goals, business or career objectives, ambitions, mature, learning about life, tolerance, goals in life, change, growth maturity, respect earned, gaining credit for your achievements, rewards, returns in kind, aging, time, seniority, continuity, the elderly, wisdom, reputation, standing, esteem, father figure, boss, use the authority, rewards, administration, trying again, work to overcome, rewarded appropriately, consequences of actions, blockages, grow and mature, hard work, application of effort

Esoteric: Spiritual mission, destiny, attainment


Eleventh House

I MAKE FRIENDS - Circle of friends, experience of friendship, group experiences, team spirit, affinity, hospitality, patrons, spiritual brotherhoods, cosmopolitanism, support of humanitarian goals, spirit of the times, reforms emancipation, define and resolve choices, hopes, wishes, aspirations, expectations, longings, internal desire for change, different possibilities, improve the lot, motivations, humanity, having others do your bidding, preparation, serve your purposes, joining with others for mutual purposes, groups assemblies, cliques, gangs, syndicates, clusters, organizations, togetherness, impersonal companionship, societies, impersonal friendliness, banding together, mutual support, collaborations, cause, principle, purpose, shared convictions, seeking support for an idea, pushing for an endorsement, obstruction, political changes, mutual discontent, politics, civic matters, elections, social movements, shaping and effecting change, forging new alliances, molding of public opinion, new trends, bohemianism, con-conformist activity, futuristic programs, new age matters, modern ways of shaping old ideas, oddities, eccentricity, stirred up, blended, amalgamation, working with others

Esoteric: Spirit world and your contact with it, memberships, long-range goals


Twelfth House

I DREAM - Seclusion from the world, transcendental experiences, mysticism, trancy, ecstasy, purification, sacrifice, transfiguration, withdrawal from the world, secrets, clandestine enemies, voluntary isolation (hermitage, monastery), involuntary isolation (hospital, prison), longing for the “roof of the world,” relate to outer world with shyness, seclusion, selfless deeds, disadvantages, self-pity, atonement, inevitability, drugs, freeing, forgiveness, self-imposed limits, indirectly absorbing, meditate, absorb in their own way, subjective, the inner, changing part of inner definitions, escape, remote consequences, aid, rehabilitation, avoiding issues, sorrow or grief, personal limitations, break through, barriers, conspiracies, serious illness, doled out, deception, dissolve, comes in contact with other worlds, spiritual mastery

Esoteric: The past, your last life, things begun before, potentiality, karma