The Astrological Joy of Common Backyard Birds

April 19, 2022


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We are in the season for the wonders of BIRDS! They are all on the move, building nests, laying eggs, and many of the more exotic “songbirds” are migrating – moving through our environments for a short visit during their travels.

With this post I want to share the wonders of our “oh so common” and “oh so appreciated” backyard birds. As we watch them daily, we see their personalities bloom and want to share the 12 zodiac signs with you through the connection to our beautiful friends!

WREN reminds us of ARIES: courageous, independent, assertive, spontaneous, dynamic, possessing initiative, filled with fires of life, enthusiastic, and self-motivated.

Key Phrase: I AM Karmic Challenge: To Learn Patience

AMERICAN ROBIN carries the energies of TAURUS: grounded, consistent, dependable, practical, sensual, enduring, artistic, devotional, productive, filled with potent forces of springtime.

Key Phrase: I HAVE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Detachment

EURASIAN TREE SPARROW is such a GEMINI: intellectual, communicative, curious, versatile, inventive, adaptable, agility of mind, intuitive, perceptive, logical with immense energy potentials.

Key Phrase: I THINK Karmic Challenge: To Learn How to Channel Mental Energy

YELLOW SHAFTED FLICKER brings to us the wonders of the sign CANCER: nurturing, protective, sympathetic, intuitive, open, friendly, devoted, imaginative, gentle, contemplative, shines over others like the MOON.

Key Phrase: I FEEL Karmic Challenge: To Learn Discernment

BLUE JAY explodes on the scene with LEO: confident, creative, dramatic, generous, proud, strong sense of self, ambitious, shines in social situations, optimistic, brings sunshine into hearts of others.

Key Phrase: I WILL Karmic Challenge: To Learn True Humility

WHITE BREASTED NUTHATCH sings to us of VIRGO: analytical, useful, perfecting, efficient, good crafts energy, changeable, service oriented, hard workers, constantly seeking knowledge.

Key Phrase: I ANALYZE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Tolerance

CEDAR WAXWING delights us through LIBRA: sharing, cooperative, fair, idealistic, influential, artist, beauty, peace-maker, transformer, liberator, keeper of karmic law.

Key Phrase: I BALANCE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Decisiveness

GREAT HORNED OWL unquestionably feels like SCORPIO: deep, intense, penetrating, passionate, transforming, profound, battle between light and darkness, secretive, visionary, arises to spiritual challenge.

Key Phrase: I DESIRE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Forgiveness

RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD quickly gives us an idea about SAGITTARIUS: open minded, adventurous philosophical, strong principles, athletic, lover of nature, sense of play, explorer, divine lover.

Key Phrase: I SEE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Restraint

BALTIMORE ORIOLE invites us into the world of CAPRICORN: mature, successful, industrious, structured, authoritative, worldliness, spiritual principles in daily life, persevering, thoughtful, warmhearted, and a tireless seeker.

Key Phrase: I USE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Sociability

NORTHERN CARDINAL challenges us to learn about AQUARIUS: unique, innovative, reforming, eccentric, futuristic, visionary, faithful, changes the "old-order," determination, brotherhood, flow of knowledge from universal.

Key Phrase: I KNOW Karmic Challenge: To Learn Warmth

BROWN CREEPER is the magical expression of PISCES: sensitive, compassionate, spiritual, imaginative, musicians, empathy, dreamer, creative life force, reflects the creative joy of the soul, mystic.

Key Phrase: I BELIEVE Karmic Challenge: To Learn Perseverance

Some of you already know that my two most favorite things in the world after my family are birds and astrology. I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing both at the same time with me!

Love, Nikki