SEDNA, Inuit Creation Goddess, Mother of the Sea

October 30, 2020


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Sedna promises: “You are supplied for today and all of your tomorrows!”

Sedna – Minor Planet #90377 (discovered on November 14, 2003), between 800-1,100 miles in diameter, orbital period 11,400 years, currently resides at 28 Taurus R (July 2021 Sedna reaches Pleiades at 29 Taurus)

Sedna, Mother of the Sea

Mythology: Inuit Goddess - Lives Under the Frozen Seas

Cold and removed, lives deep under the sea, resides in the farthest outer limits of our inner selves, linked with water, illumination, Neolithic revolution, rise in women, dark matter, pulling reality into spiritual, neuro networks, artificial intelligence, evolutionary change, climate change, goddess Gaia, great power to feed people, surrender to spiritual transcendence, unconsciousness comes to surface, personal space, spiritual whole, soul’s path of destiny, nurturing the sense of human life, transpersonal consciousness, spiritual awakening, thankfulness, intuition, dreams, healing energy

Astrology of Sedna

• The Soul’s Path of Destiny

• Evolutionary spiritual power

• Esoteric outer limit of our Solar System

• Approaching closest point to Earth over next 20 years

• Stretching our concepts of reality

• Linked to Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Dark Matter

• Growth and illumination, infinite supply

• Linked to Ceres – Both have Internal Oceans – “nurturing process”

• 3 Steps Unfolding: caught in physical until a major jolt, a great crisis, a move into spiritual awareness

• Gem Stones: Covellite - Dreams, Communication, Gratification; Ocean Jasper - Emotion, Mother Ocean, Self-Love; Iolite - Awareness, Awakening, Journeys

Sedna wants to get us on a spiritual path. She hits us with transcendent crisis and pushes us to rise above. She is keeping our heart open in Hell. She is beating our drum and singing to life.

Love, Nikki