Quaoar and Friends - Ice Dwarf Planets

October 05, 2019


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Quaoar and Friends – Ice Dwarf Planets

I would like to invite you on an adventure to the outer reaches of our Solar System. Quaoar and his friends are Plutoids (found in the area beyond the orbit of Neptune) and are also known as Ice Dwarf planets. We continue to discover new ones and each one gives us wonderful new understanding about our humanity and our part in the cosmic plan.

Let me introduce you!

Ceres - Minor Planet #1 (discovered in 1801), 587 miles in diameter, orbital period 4.60 years, currently resides at 15 Sagittarius. Ceres was first designated as an asteroid and re-designated as an Ice Dwarf in 2006 and travels inside Neptune’s orbit.

Varuna - Minor Planet #20000 (discovered in 2000), 550 miles in diameter, orbital period 285 years, currently resides at 3 Leo.

Ixion - Minor Planet #28978 (discovered in 2001), 950 miles in diameter, orbital period 246 years, currently resides at 26 Sagittarius.

Quaoar (Kway-o-wahr) - Minor Planet #50000 (discovered in 2002), 745 miles in diameter, orbital period 288 years, currently resides at 1 Capricorn.

Sedna – Minor Planet #90377 (discovered in 2003), between 800-1,100 miles in diameter, orbital period 11,400 years, currently resides at 27 Taurus R.

Eris - Minor Planet #136199 (discovered in 2005), 1,445 miles in diameter, orbital period 557.55 years, currently resides at 23 Aries R.

Makemake - Minor Planet #136472 (discovered in 2005), 444.28 miles in diameter, orbital period 307.55 years, currently resides at 5 Libra.

Pluto and his Moon Charon – Some consider Pluto as one of the Ice Dwarf planets (discovered in 1930). Pluto: 1,350 miles in diameter, Charon: 750 miles in diameter, orbital period 247.94 years, currently resides at 20 Capricorn.

Let me share more Ice Dwarf magic with mythology and keywords you can use to learn more about how these minor planets work in your charts!


Mythology: Divine Mother, Mother Gaia, Earth Mother

Tied to mysteries of Eleusis, mother/child relationships, food, planning and scheduling of meals, eating habits, eating disorders, famine and ecology of food, taking care of people, growing things, protection, nurturing, emotional connections, extended mourning, loss, long term feeling of grief, tied to goddesses, Maiden, Mother, Crone, help teach children to make their way in the world, caretaker role, giving up someone, connection to parenting, intense, obsessive relationships with children, root of word cereal, feed people in need, all types of intimacy and love, feeling unloved


Mythology: Hindu God – Keeper of Divine Order

Jovian, praise for oneself, wide popularity, glory, boundaries (or breaking away from boundaries), universal encompasser, maker and upholder of heaven and earth, rules over the night, mysteries, being gracious, forgiveness, spiritual guidance, theme of death, tied to large groups of people dying together, fairness, wheel of existence, keeper of order, ruler of the sea, inner spiritual searching


Mythology: Classic Greek God – Father of the Centaurs

Dramatic “firsts,” traitors, tied to research, busy-ness, workaholism, lust to acquire or possess, materialism, to take things for granted, being on a treadmill, being without regrets, being harmed by one’s own creations, karma, re-discovering something simpler, strength through joy, creating trouble, creating change, charisma, inventiveness, ingenuity, passing problems down through generations, “breaking eggs in order to make omelets”


Mythology: Tongva People – Sky Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth

Inspiring, possibilities, strong sense of self, resurrecting force of creation, dancing and singing, innocence, pure self-interest with no negative emotions, reconnect with creative spirit, bearing gifts, offering gifts to the world, vision (eagle), bonding (duck), retreat and contemplation (bear), healing with water (frog), feminine based intuition, individual gifts, use of animal totems, compassion, tolerance, fairness, cooperation, waves of good hope, reconnect with internal creative spirit, ceremony, energy that serves a common cause, spring forth


Mythology: Innuit Goddess - Lives Under the Frozen Seas

Cold and removed, lives deep under the sea, resides in the farthest outer limits of our inner selves, linked with water, illumination, Neolithic revolution, rise in women, dark matter, pulling reality into spiritual, neuro networks, artificial intelligence, evolutionary change, climate change, goddess Gaia, great power to feed people, surrender to spiritual transcendence, unconsciousness comes to surface, personal space, spiritual whole, soul’s path of destiny, nurturing the sense of human life, transpersonal consciousness, spiritual awakening


Mythology: Female Goddess of War

Sister of Mars, represents feminine side of aggression, of war, of assertiveness, of anger, female warrior, new awareness, growth and development of a deeper side of the feminine, higher potentials of humanity, ancient prophesy of swords turned into plowshares, new powers within ourselves, warrior goddess with a soft spot, affinity for childbirth, and nurturing defenseless children, genetic science, increased life spans, selfish characteristics, going through a dark night of the soul, a new religion replaces an old one


Mythology: Creator God of the Polynesian People

Tribes, people living and working together and helping each other, a material world creator, fertility energy, significant academic achievement, spiritual journeys to move out of the swamp, great spiritual quest, manifest deep creative energy at a highly evolved level, a connection with environmental sagacity, love of the natural world, environmental activism, wisdom tied to nature, climate change, ecological crisis on a planetary scale, questions of personal and collective survival and sustainability

Enjoy these “icy” long distance friends. All of these bodies can be found in our charts. They give us new in-depth levels of growth and transformation. The time is now to change!

Love, Nikki