OM SRI GANESH - A Birthday Celebration

September 02, 2019


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"Ganesh gives us a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear, a promise for every care, and an answer to every prayer."

OM Sri Ganesh - A Birthday Celebration, Ganesh Chitarthi on September 2, 2019

I would like to introduce you to LORD GANESH. He is the patron deity of astrologers in India. Jyotishis (Vedic astrologers-practitioners of the "Science of Light") turn to Lord Ganesh for guidance and inspiration when working on their science and doing charts for others. Lord Ganesh takes the form of a human with an elephant head. Elephants in India are prized for their high intelligence, extraordinary strength and unswerving devotion.

GANESH is the:

  • Remover of Obstacles
  • God of Happiness
  • God of Children
  • Patron of people who need to keep a lot of facts straight in their minds, like mathematicians and scientists (and astrologers)
  • Patron of the Arts
  • First among the Celestials
  • Ganesh, the Great Gatekeeper, gateway for seekers in their faith
  • God of Devotion
  • Master of the Word

Lord Ganesh is depicted as a lover of sweets and is always eating candy. His vehicle is a small mouse, who is always picking up and nibbling the little pieces of sweets and candy Lord Ganesh drops. The mouse symbolizes the devotees mind, always nibbling at the crumbs that fall from the wonders of God.

Ganesh is associated with good living, success, peace, and happiness. He represents the benefic planet of JUPITER. Some of his other symbols are LOTUS: the mind with the power of the lotus flower to open to God, CONCH SHELL: the sound of the elephant's call to prayer, CHAKRA DISCUS: symbol of the Sun/mind and Moon/emotions, THIRD EYE: He gives us spiritual light, BIG BELLY: has the universe in His belly, CRESCENT MOON: symbol of time passing, auspicious moments, and power of the mind.


Loving Ganesh is AUM. He is the A, the base sound of the universe, He is the U, the sound of the galaxies, He is the M, the sound of the planets and the littlest stars.

Ganesh Mantra: Chanting Ganesh Mantra starts with om gam ganapataye namaha to invoke the pure state of mind and ends with _om santih santih santih _meaning "Om peace, peace, peace."

One of the personal ways we can communicate with our friend, Sri Ganesh, is through His magical "asteroid" form in our western birth charts. He is currently in the sign Virgo in the western "tropical zodiac." His asteroid form is Asteroid #2415 "Ganesa." Check your asteroid placement for "Ganesa" and look for his loving hand of service in your chart. He is always helping and lights us up with his smile.

Happy Birthday, my friend, LORD GANESH!

Love, Nikki