New Year 2020, Eclipse Season, Saturn/Pluto Conjunction

December 29, 2019


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Welcome to 2020!

“Nothing exists nor happens in the visible sky that is not sensed in some hidden moment by the faculties of Earth and Nature.” Johannes Kepler

We are entering a new year, a new decade, and a new transforming world! The sky is ablaze with change and our Earth is aligned with new beginnings. We start the year in a massive line-up of Capricorn planets. Capricorn symbolizes the principle of cosmic order. It is the archetype of the manifested spiritual force.

The planets – Mercury, Jupiter, Moon’s South Node, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto – all in Capricorn at ECLIPSE (Lunar Eclipse on January 10, 2020 @ 20 Cancer, 20 Capricorn) bring the needs of the moment and carry within themselves both the fulfillment of our needs, and the essential spiritual meaning made specifically for us!

Jupiter is the benefactor who affirms for us “I create a positive future in this moment.”

Ceres is our Earth Mother and affirms “I come to my inner child and we make our way in the world through love.”

Saturn is our Spiritual Master and Spiritual Friend affirming “I am secure in my divinity.”

Pluto Is the Subterranean Destroyer and affirms “I am a power for positive change.”

We also ride into the new year during the Mayan Shadow Days: A 20-day collective shadow period which begins on “Being” day and ends on “Enlightening” day in the Pleiadian-Earth Calendar. The Shadow Days start on December 26, 2019 and go through January 14, 2020. This is a particularly potent time for awakening humans in the evolutionary process. We will be illumined by the truth. We can respond by changing our perspectives and opening our hearts!

A quick view of “Eclipse Season” in the first two weeks of January, 2020 awakening powerful planetary energy dates:

1-2-20: Mercury conjunct Jupiter (7 Capricorn)– we are illumined.

1-10-20: Mercury conjunct Sun (19 Capricorn) - we are enlightened with new understanding.

1-10-20: Sun opposes Moon at LUNAR ECLIPSE (20 Capricorn/20 Cancer) - everything is changing.

1-11-20: Mercury conjunct Ceres (22 Capricorn) – we find unconditional love surrounding us.

1-12-20: SATURN conjunct PLUTO (22 Capricorn) – we walk through a new gateway.

1-13-20: Saturn conjunct Ceres (22 Capricorn) – we learn how to help each other be safe.

1-13-20: Sun conjunct Pluto, Saturn, Ceres (22 Capricorn)


Other Cosmic Bodies joining in the Capricorn Eclipse Dance include:

•Centaur Pholus @ 2 Capricorn – major turning points, catalyst, borderline experiences, unconscious takes control, stumbling into new situations, awakening

•Minor Planet Quaoar @ 3 Capricorn – creator of heaven and earth, resurrecting forces, dancing and singing, reconnect with creative spirit, bearing gifts, vision (eagle), bonding (duck), healing (frog)

•Asteroid Poseidon @ 6 Capricorn – uplifting people and ideas, psychic vibrations, ideological or moral stances, spread of ideas, inspiration, enlightenment, psychic sensitivity, god of earthquakes

•Centaur Hylonome @ 14 Capricorn – heart broken, mass grief, loving equality-based partnerships, self-sacrifice, bring an end to sadness through whatever means will bring resolution

•TNO Arawn @ 20 Capricorn – king of the otherworld, altered states of consciousness, master of magic and trickery, keeps many secrets, eases suffering in this life, aid to the less fortunate, humanitarian

•Asteroid Chariklo @ 23 Capricorn – feminine complement to Chiron, nature goddess, connects with our soul urges, forgiveness, sacred marriage between body and soul, soul retrieval and recovery

Have a Happy New Year and a joyful first two weeks of 2020!

Love, Nikki