May I Have This Dance? Neptune Retrograde Takes Us for a Spin Through the Rest of 2019

June 21, 2019


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"The planet Neptune represents the longing to become One with everything in a state of total trust and love." Jan Spiller

Neptune, the “Divine Discontent” within us, activates a feeling of loss, a need for mysterious inner searching, seeking the ideal, and stripping away the illusion that surrounds to find deep truth and meaning. Neptune rules dreams, imagination, creativity, intuition, extraterrestrial dimensions, the arts, Atlantean Myths, and exploring what is beneath the surface. When we connect with Neptune, we are looking for a sense of ourselves, experience a high level of awareness, self-analysis, and explore hidden deceptions. We are able to see situations differently, tap into our past life memories and knowings, and discover a previous unknown depth of fantasy.

The planet Neptune is the higher octave of the planet Venus. Venus opens us to our human love and values. Neptune takes us to God’s love and our true value as soul travelers.

Neptune is a place of psychic sensitivity, can catch us in excessive speculation, and is a vital point of reflection. Neptune can be approached through the ancient God Varuna, the Lord of the Cosmic Ocean, who represents the power and principle of intuition, as well as our conscience.

Neptune is the “Planet of the Year” as he makes six major 2019 aspects.

Three times Neptune is square Jupiter (immense expanding possibilities of Neptune traits):

  • January 13
  • June 16
  • September 21

Three times Neptune is sextile Saturn (extreme potential for productive Neptune learning):

  • January 31
  • June 18
  • November 8

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces and is currently traveling through his own sign. He stopped on his journey and turned to retrograde motion on the magical day of the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2019. He will turn back to direct motion on November 27, 2019. He cautions us to respect the vision and build the dreams!

The archetypal principles and meanings linked with the distant blue Neptunian globe speak to us of the universal soul, the collective anima, and the astral light. Poseidon, Dionysus, Chaos, Oceanus, magical mists, unicorns, mermaids and mermen swirl in his mists.

Neptune is traveling this year in our charts between 15 and 18 degrees of Pisces. In his retrograde motion:

  • he awakens in dream images: the sea, mystical places, phantoms, ghosts, clouds, tridents, large sea creatures and the abyss,
  • he joins us to meet Neptunian people: charity workers, victims, gurus, recluses, mediums, musicians, artists, sailors, impostors, psychics, nymphs, seers, and spiritual counsellors,
  • he gathers us up in delightful actions: gliding, swimming, sinking into fantasy, lucid dreaming, forgetting, swooning, falling in love, meditating, indulging, merging, and hysteric reactions,
  • he takes us to magical places: cinemas, religious festivals, sacred places, fishing ports, haunted places, springs and geysers, wishing wells, holy sites, and ice cream parlors,
  • and he shares felt experiences: sadness, melancholy, isolation, inner vision, ecstatic revelations, compassion, sympathy, empathy, dreamy, absentminded, confused, bemused, charmed, bewildered, infatuated, uncertain, feeling released, connected to all things, and visions of the soul.

Neptune, the God of the Sea, shows how we inspire others. He takes us into mysterious waters, deep within, and teaches us about our Soul. He rules the sea of our subconscious selves and opens our eyes to our inner realms. He gives us his vision to inspire our spirit to ideals and dreams, to great kindnesses and cosmic creativity.

Neptune’s cycle is not completed during a single human lifespan. It is associated with something new brought from our past or shining like a star in our future. He is not of this world – nudging us with bewitching influences. We look for the fairies, we desire a utopia, we so want our dreams to come true, we play make-believe, we respond to our higher ideals, we find lost keys to ancient truths, and we know the feeling of heavenly intervention, and through our sympathetic nature, we heal!

If we can get up our courage, we can join in the dance!