April 03, 2020


Mentioned in this post:

We have a major (one of the most important all year) conjunction happening now!

JUPITER will meet PLUTO for one of three meetings in 2020 – April 4, June 30, and November 12. Energetically, this is a 4-way conjunction including Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas Athene, and Saturn. This major connection ties into the “global spiritual awakening” that is currently happening throughout the world.

PLUTO energizes immense change transforming our lives. Pluto brings death and rebirth. Jupiter is about expansion and works with Pluto to bring titanic, colossal, huge experiences.

JUPITER brings us great resources and potential, enormous success, urges to improve, unending faith, and the power of truth. It also can bring overextension, and making extremely important choices for better or for worse. We are supported by research, the ability to optimize resources, and learning what we truly value. The feeling to hold on can be intense but surrender brings new possibilities. We are each at a moment of great transformation.

JUPITER AND PLUTO are in the “NEW PHASE” of their synodic cycle. It is a time of non-experience and the unknown – a seed state. We see things, even whole world events, from our own perspective. We are learning lessons about thinking before we act, feeling a new vibration, and experiencing a new dimension being released. We are awakening to an unfamiliar direction. We are walking a path of “coming into being.” We are on a quest for a new vision, letting go of our limiting beliefs, and learning to use our inner power, courage, and strength.

SATURN helps us through this current journey with discipline, endurance, heroism, a deep sense of responsibility, the termination of established order, enduring new structures, and a new personal self-knowledge.

Asteroid goddess PALLAS ATHENE introduces us to our inner Goddess Warrior. She is a master of strategy, a pattern weaver, and taps into our inner wisdom brought from past experiences that helps us turn toward a new horizon.

We stand at survival’s door, equipped with our personal magic tools, and the Grace of God!

Love, Nikki