A Quick Checklist on Ways to Handle Today's Eclipse

June 05, 2020


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A Quick Checklist on Ways to Handle Today's Eclipse

  • This is the first of three eclipses in the upcoming cycle. June 5 Lunar Eclipse: 15 Sagittarius-15 Gemini, June 21 Solar Eclipse: 0 Cancer, July 4 Lunar Eclipse: 13 Capricorn-13 Cancer
  • Today at 2:13 PM CDT - We are Threshold Walkers, Navigators, Travelers in a strange new world.
  • A turning path for the collective and us personally - watch your step on the turns!
  • We will pick up a lot of information over the next month.
  • Energy is big and chaotic - go with the flow - "Let Go and Let God."
  • What is the truth of my inner being and my outer life?
  • A great challenge greets us. Sun and Moon are square Mars and Neptune in Pisces. Some things in our thoughts environment feel unbearable and confusion reigns - we are overwhelmed with "input."
  • Collective grief and pain surrounds - we need to listen up and stay quiet so we can hear each other.
  • Lunar Eclipse Earth shadows the Moon - time for our own personal "Shadow Work."
  • Eclipse aligns with the "Great Attractor, a cosmic tractor beam pouring new insights and messaging - emotions are stirred.
  • Difficulties and clear reason work together.
  • Speak TRUTH!
  • Time to get together with our Cancer tribe.
  • We are guided by keen insight.
  • We are heartbroken -we dig deep for our courageous inner voice.
  • Let the ancestors give us a broader perspective.
  • Eclipses bring growth, break through scars and pain, and explore knowledge, faith, mind, and heart.
  • We are lost in manipulation, untruths, and foggy views - delusion.
  • We are being awakened beyond the outworn conventions. We are building a new world.
  • What is real?
  • What am I letting go? What am I finishing? What has come full circle in my life?
  • We have reached a tipping point!

Love, Nikki