A Mercury Retrograde Magical Mystery Journey - July, 2019

July 03, 2019


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Mercury in his retrograde motion brings us “Messages from the Gods!”

Mercury Retrogrades (7-7) at 4 Leo and Directs (7-31) at 23 Cancer

7-7-19 Mercury stations Retrograde 4 Leo - Mercury stands powerfully still. Let’s turn inside and tune our ears to his new song.

7-7-19 Mercury 4 Leo R semi-sextile Venus 4 Cancer - A message to start our growth initiation encompassing our heart magic.

7-8-19 Mercury 4 Leo R conjunct Mars 4 Leo - A message to start new beginnings with bold, focused action.

7-11-19 Mercury 3 Leo R quintile asteroid goddess Pallas Athene 15 Libra - A message all about creative expression. We can unfold our artistic wisdom.

7-12-19 Mercury 3 Leo R sesquiquadrate Neptune 18 Pisces R - A message to align our will power on inner spirit mysteries.

7-18-19 Mercury 0 Leo R trine asteroid goddess Ceres 0 Sagittarius - A message of expansion and harmony tied to our Earth Mother connections.

7-18-19 Mercury 0 Leo R sesquiquadrate Jupiter 15 Sagittarius R - A message to step up to current difficulties and call on Soul guidance and understanding.

7-21-19 Mercury 28 Cancer R conjunct (“cazimi”) Sun 28 Cancer - A message to unite inner light, feelings, and intuition as we reflect on next steps.

7-22-19 Mercury 27 Cancer R quintile asteroid goddess Vesta 15 Taurus - A message bringing us spiritual insights and a picture of our inner discipleship.

7-24-19 Mercury 26 Cancer R conjunct Venus 26 Cancer - A message opening our united power of love, value systems, and devotion.

7-31-19 Mercury stations Direct 23 Cancer - Mercury stands powerfully still. Let’s step across upcoming new thresholds with our new learning in hand.