A Great Weekend of Inspirational Vision at NORWAC

May 26, 2019


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What a great time at NORWAC. The Northwest Astrological Conference has been going on in Seattle for 35 years. This weekend the conference broke all records in numbers of attendees, variety of ages (lots of youngsters), attendees from many different countries, and outstanding (as always) speakers sharing their expertise. I was blessed to experience great learning and new visions. Here is a sample:

  • Lynn Bell sharing Birthing the Shadow opened the doorway to the upcoming Saturn conjunct Pluto over the next year bringing new focus, something unknown, and a time of deep reflection both personally and collectively. It is time to get to work on ourselves as we move toward forces of redirection in the world.
  • Adam Elenbaas spoke on Karma, Enlightenment, and the Role of Eastern Philosophy and Western Astrology showing us how to incorporate some of the best practices from East and West. I loved his discussion on "Harmonia" which focused on divine internal order and encouraged us to leave a space for the Cosmic mysteries across all cultures.
  • Mark Jones enthralled his audience with Turning to Art: The Astrology of Artists Finding Their Calling. You might guess that this was my favorite talk as he explored with us how to find the astrological factors present when people find their true turning point moment. He shared many examples of finding "windows of opportunity" that are life changing and opened the chance that we could all realize a creative turning point in our lives. And he did it all so elegantly!
  • Kelly Surtees in Timing of Transformation: VIP Predictions gave inspirationally practical tools to discover the most important pictures in the chart that help us hone in on the places and timing of experiences that will shake up our existence.

I also learned about the magical Neptune-Pluto conjunction of the 1890's, was recharged by new learning tied to Solar Arc Directions, dipped delightfully through the esoteric astrological foundation tied to the Seven Rays, and had great discussions with my like-minded tribe as we hung together in the STARS!

Thank You NORWAC!

Love, Nikki